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Grateful for being hired x 3 and a mocap gig!

I know I mentioned that I have been super busy this year, but I still managed to squeeze in some auditions and book some jobs this year regardless. One was a motion capture job where you where these ridiculous looking outfits that have velcro and little dots all over you, but they are so that your motions can be used for game developers - they utilize an actor's motions for their animation character work. That was fun.

The other was an industrial but the production team, Ten Stories, is one I have worked with two other times (this year, 2019 and 2018). They are a great team and I love seeing their faces - or, at least, half their faces considering they are all masked. Ugh. Anyway, I am thrilled to have booked over and over and hope to work with them again. Additionally, I LOVE when I run into actor and crew friends! On this one, I ran into Merrick McCartha, Ari Lerner, as well as a friend doing wardrobe work, Kristy, from my mommy circle! LOL - small world.

Of course, shout out to Nanci for sending me the auditions for all of this work and always promoting her talent. She's the best.

This pic taken courtesy of Merrick when we were on our lunch break. :)

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