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Commercial Reel - Mei-Ling Downey
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Managing Oneself, Ch. 7 - Peter F. Drucker
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The Anxious Farmer - Noah Mattison
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The Story of Tony - Noah Mattison
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I've worked with Mei-Ling on multiple commercial projects requiring voice-over talent and I would highly recommend her. Mei-Ling has an impressive range of voicings and is able to quickly adapt her timbre and inflection to fit the needs of each project. As a director, I appreciate that Mei-Ling has great acting instincts and can quickly lock onto the creative vision and execute efficiently and effectively. Additionally, Mei-Ling is courteous, professional and easy to communicate with. - Brian Keim, Producer/Director/Founding Partner at Analog Media Productions

“Working with Mei-Ling is always something I look forward to. She quickly picks up on the nuances of any project and adds life to the performance every time. Doesn’t hurt that she is super friendly and easy to work with either.”
- Noah Mattison

2020 San Diego International Film Fest 15 Second Spot  

2020 San Diego International Film Fest 30 Second Spot  

2021 San Diego International Film Fest 30 Second Spot  

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Campland on the Bay                                            -  Analog Media Productions

Respectful Communication                                - Out of Pocket Productions  

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