About Me

As a kid of the eighties, when cassette tapes were huge, I used to record my voice and pretend that I was doing radio spots, commercials and cartoon characters for fun. I sang in garages and used to act out scenes with my little sister. I was raised in a movie crazed family and loved the feeling I would get when I would watch a story that was full of heart, raised awareness on issues, or made me laugh so hard I'd be rolled up in a ball on the floor with stomach cramps. I knew early on that this was a craft that I wanted to study and master.

I wrote, starred, and directed my first show in a talent competition at the age of 9. I immediately caught the bug and began to take drama and choir classes every school year whenever possible. This eventually led to performing in The Mikado, my first musical in my junior year of high school, lettering in debate, and competing in A Capella choir my senior year of high school in which we won first place in four events nationally. I graduated from the University of California, San Diego with a double major in Communications and Theatre.


I have been fortunate enough to perform on stage in the UK as well as professional theatre in San Diego, CA, and book a few short films and industrials over the years. I began to focus  and study voiceover in 2010 and have absolutely loved it.

My passion has always been as an actor whether expressed vocally, on stage, or on camera. It is evident when I work and will continue to love it until my last breath!